WBFSH – World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses

The FEI/WBFSH World Championships for Young Eventing Horses create a clear picture of the development within breeding because here a large number of young horses – some of the very best from the participating breed societies – each year compete under uniform conditions. Through this valuable information is gained for the benefit of future breeding knowledge.

These championships are also a competition between the breeders and the breed societies and they give a strong incentive for development and progress within breeding.


The championships create a natural environment in which breeders and studbook representatives come together and socialise. The value of social contact should not be underestimated – especially at a time of increasing globalisation, where unification is more important than ever.


I would hereby like to wish all the riders good luck and hope that the competitions will be fair and of course be characterized by good horsemanship.


Jan Pedersen

WBFSH President