As for 6 years in the morning, the 7 years cross did not cause a lot of mistakes, but had a change of leader after three refusal eliminating Nicolas Touzaint and Caretinhus.

Thomas CarlileThe crowd was more compact when the cross of 7 years started in the early afternoon.

Favorite all answered present, with one exception: Nicolas Touzaint and Caretinhus who were leading after dressage. The grey stallion did a first refusal on the Owl Lion d’Angers (No. 19) and the last two elements of Fiducial Cottage (No. 20). With three refusals on the tour, the penalty was inevitable: the French couple was eliminated.

For its part, the French Thomas Carlile did a clear course with Tenareze. The Anglo-Arab, world champion in six years last year at the Lion, has once again demonstrated his talent and allowed his partner to lead the temporary ranking.

Flying also over the difficulties of the course with Toledo de Kerser, the young Brit Tom McEwen was second, ahead of Michael Jung and fischerRicona, 3rd, and Maxime Livio and RNH McUstinov 4th.

As for 6 years too, after the last horse inspection passed, the test jumping promises to be exciting as the first four are held in a bar.