Cross country

Cross country 2023

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Photos : Olivia Bernié / Le Lion Equestre – Mondial du Lion

Eventing is often known as the triathlon of the equestrian world, a formidable combination of cross-country, jumping and dressage.

Cross-Country is the showpiece event of Eventing as well as the hallmark of the Mondial du Lion. Its mythical obstacles travel around the world: The Owl, the Spider, the Phoenix and the Trumpet are monuments that thousands of people aspire to see every year.
Every year, new obstacles will decorate the course, designed by Pierre Michelet. The Cross-Country event takes shape over several kilometers where the horses must keep a brisk pace.
The couples must adapt quickly to the varied terrain and jump over about twenty so-called “natural” obstacles to be completed in a given time.
Cross-Country is by far the most spectacular event, where adrenaline rises for both the competitors and the spectators.